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Dear FlipaClip Community

Michael Patterson the Grammy winning animator of Aha band's "Take On Me" video has agreed to judge our contest! Winners to be announced in NYC (hopefully on network TV!!) by Michael Patterson himself!

If you're serious about becoming an animator, you should enter this contest!! "Glory awaits to those who create…"

How to enter

Step 1: Listen to this song: by Tell Her I Love Her.

Step 2: Create your animated story using pre-loaded music-templates. Just 15 seconds to enter!

Step 3: Submit your animation to the contest, here.

(Need ideas? Would you like to see some story-board template ideas? Email your request at

Submit anytime before May 12th! Start drawing already!!!

Prizes include:

  • 1st place: $1,000
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place (five winners): $100
  • Honorable mention (100 winners): FlipaClip professional unlock code

Full contest details can be found at this location.

Please enter this contest if you've ever desired to be an animator, or thought you could create a music video animation. 

Glory awaits to those who create...

I sincerely hope you enter the contest. Several of you may find your work featured in a band's new music video!!! Why wait! Start drawing today!!


Jonathan Meson