Who the hell are "The Joneses?!?!?"

"Keeping up with the Joneses" is an expression probably as old as America.  It refers to the jealousy that neighbours sometimes feel when their next door neighbour buys a new car, and they feel they need to buy a new car to keep up.  This invisible oneupmanship inspired the song, The Joneses.  One day, I was walking down the street in Miami.  There was a long line of cars stuck in a traffic jam.  One man driving a Honda Civic, was listening to the radio, enjoying the beautiful weather.  The guy behind him driving the Mercedes two door sports car (a $300,000 exotic of some sort), was on the phone yelling at someone, clearly miserable.  I was struck how the amount of money someone spends on material possessions really doesn't have a strong correlation with their happiness in life.  Happiness in life, I've noticed, comes from the quality of the relationships in your life, not what you own, where you live, or what you drive.  In that moment, I said two things to myself:

1. Wow... so many people spend so much money to keep up with the Joneses...

2. Who the hell are the Joneses?  And why should I keep up with them!?!

That sentence gave me the idea for the song.  I brought to my songwriting session that night, and a few hours later, "The Joneses" was born.  A song that seeks rot highlight how silly the pursuit of material wealth can be.  

"Just check your Rolex, it's time to wonder... Who the hell are the Joneses!"

We hope you like our song.  When we perform it live, it always gets the most comments and requests for copies of the song on CD (does anyone still have CD players?).  So we've made it available on Spotify, CDBaby, and of course YouTube.  Please stream it on Spotify!  And thank you always for listening to and enjoying our music.  

Frederick Williams