Have you ever made a "Comeback"? We did...

"Comeback" happens to be the name of our new single!  You can download or stream it from this location or on YouTube:


We hope you love the song & while you listen: learn more on how the song came together below.

Comeback was written on a boat trip to Key West Florida from Fort Lauderdale.  A bunch of us (band members and co-writers) hopped on a large boat, for the express purpose of writing some songs for the upcoming album. We wrote four songs, but only one of them we felt was good enough to make the cut -- and that's typical: Not every song a band or a songwriter completes is a keeper.

We knew this one was the minute we finished it.  The hook alone:

"We can make a comeback
Only if you comeback
Put this train back on track
Start all over
Baby we were all that
It's just a little set back
We can make a comeback
Only if you come back, come back..." 

In terms of the song's inspiration, all of us remember a relationship that ended where we wanted to give it another try (perhaps hope prevailing over experience). In that moment, we somehow believed that, given one more chance, we can put the pieces back together and make the relationship work this time.  We wanted to write a song that spoke to that experience and hopefully pen a melody that someone could use as a way to open a door back up that had been previously closed in a meaningful relationship somewhere.  If this song helps you in this way, we wrote it for you.

The finished song was haunting.  It stuck in our heads all through the rest of that day and into dinner.  But in the studio, that's where it really came to life.  

We imagined a "breakdown" section with congas.  Little problem:  None of us play congas.  Whoops.  Our producer knew the go-to guy in Nashville who gets hired to play congas and percussion instruments for all the big records in town.  One phone call and... tada!  Congas on our track! 

FYI Congas are so cool, Gloria Estafan wrote an entire song about them.

Next, we wanted a big multi-part harmony in that breakdown.  We turned to our lead singer, EJ.  He laid down all the parts!  Every harmony you hear is one guy.  Nothing harmonizes with EJ's voice like EJ.  On many of our other tunes and even in the choruses of this song, band members provide the harmonies, but not in this breakdown.  That's all one guy. 

When the breakdown ends we wanted the song to become very small...  a "scene change" if you will.  We imagined a tiny piano piece that would lead into the big finish.

We thought of the Beatles song, "Golden Slumbers/And in the end" -- listen to a spot 7:18 to 7:43 for the song/piece of song that inspired our quiet piano break after the breakdown.

When it was all done, we listened and loved the finished song.  The only problem is that the song should come with a warning label that reads:  "Warning: You may find the 'Comeback' melody stuck in your head for a week."  That word is repeated an unGodly number of times between all the different choruses.  

We hope you like the song.  It's a bit of a departure for us from our rock roots as it's a bit of an R&B groove, but we love how it turned out and hope you do too.

#love from the band.

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